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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Niche Blogs 101

In this internet era, creating profitable niche blogs offer a new way to earn money online. The one main reason why niche blogging can be a viable option for any income hopefuls is its simplicity in creation. Such sites are easy to create, and suitable for anyone regardless of his or her online marketing or web design skills.

Building niche blogs does offer some benefits. If you have a low or even zero budget, you can still build your site! Simply use a free content management system like WordPress and Blogger and you can get started with your very first website within minutes. There are many ready templates to choose from. Within an hour, you could have a professional looking website at zero dollar investment to you. Plus, there are no webhosting and domain costs.

If you are just starting out, you may have some questions why marketers use blogs and not static sites. These websites are interactive and allows open communication with their visitors. People like to visit a site and say something. Blogs allow that to happen. At the same time, they are often updated and visitors and search engines love fresh content!

The reason why niche blogs fare better than general topic blogs lies in relatively lower competition. Rather than vying with big companies with tons of advertising dollars to spend, it will be more advantageous for you to work on the narrower sub-topics where there is lesser competition.

As a start, you may wish to write your own blog posts. But as you build more, it is ideal that you hire others to write the content for you. But needless to say, you do not to be well versed in the topic in order to verify that the content is of quality and not some rehashed crap.

In order to uncover underserved niches, you can make use of the free and paid tools online to conduct your keyword research. At the same time, promoting your site is convenient and there are also tons of free services and tools to help you. So, with close to nothing out of your pocket, building niche blogs to sell products can be a really profitable business. If you are unsure how to promote your site, read up more on what people are saying in the forums.

At this point in time, niche blogging can offer a great opportunity for anyone hoping to create a second income stream on a part-time or full-time basis. Tools and software are readily available to help you start. With time and familiarization, there are just endless numbers of markets that you can create niche blogs for.

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Niche Empire Generator Review

Niche Empire Generator Review

I promise to do a review of what Niche Empire Generator can do for niche marketers like me.

Niche Empire Generator in its simplest explanation is an All-In-One blogging solution.

1. It is the only tool online that can create a profitable niche site within 5 minutes flat. You really need to watch the video here to understand what I am saying.

- Niche Empire Generator adds Adsense and affiliate links to your websites easily with the click of one button. You can do so even with ZERO knowledge about HTML.

- Adding a new theme or modifying template for your blog yet again with a click.

- Updating new content to your website in a properly formatted manner with your selected links automatically woven into your content.

- Automatically activating Wordpress Plugins that make your blog SEO optimized for spidering, easy to navigate and great for social bookmarking.

- Submitting your niche blogs’ RSS feeds to the RSS directories for instant backlinks and added exposure and TRAFFIC for your sites.

- Pinging your blogs to the major ping services, announcing to the blogosphere that your niche blogs have been updated!

2. Niche Empire Generator also makes sure ALL your blogs are updated automatically and regularly according to the schedule you decide. Whether you have created 10, 20 or 100 niche blogs, you can decide when and what content needs to be posted only each blog. And we are not talking about crappy RSS feeds or scraped content from search engine but quality content that helps your blogs to gain Page Rank over time.

3. Manage and track as many niche blogs you have created as possible all from within ONE Control Panel. As a niche marketer, you may have so many blogs that you really cannot keep track of which blog was promoted, what modification was made and so on. With Niche Empire Generator, all these information are organized neatly into clear statistics so that you will never miss one blog that needs promotion.

Even with these features, I have not completely explained all the juice as yet. Niche Empire Generator also provides a huge collection of ready content to be used for your niche blogs. Profiting hugely with niche marketing or blogging with niche mini-sites has never been as simple as today!

Start Profiting From This Moment On With Niche Empire Generator Now

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Niche Empire Generator Creates Profitable Niche Blogs

Can Niche Empire Generator really create profitable niche blogs on autopilot mode? This may seem rather unbelievable and I thought so too until I saw it with my own eyes.

I got to know this guy called Andrew Hansen. I don’t know if you have heard of him but if you want to know, he is the author of the special report, Niche Marketing On Crack.

What is amazing about the way Andrew builds blogs is his system to create profitable blogs that are optimized for the search engines. To be specific, he teaches one how to build niche Wordpress blogs that bring in cash on demand everyday without fail.

Go ahead and read some of his testimonials on his Niche Marketing On Crack website. In fact, one of his students started to make well over $700 in her first month…and that was achieved with only ONE blog! Of course, it took her a couple of hours to create this blog. But things are about to change soon as I reveal how you can build such a profitable blog in just…5 Mins with Niche Empire Generator.

You see, most affiliates or online marketers that do a great deal of Niche Marketing are constantly faced with the challenge of maintaining and managing their blogs or mini-sites. Since time is limited, it sort of prevents most marketers from really growing their stable of blogs and mini-sites to cover more niches. Creating, updating and managing the blogs and mini-sites are too much a hassle. Not until you see Niche Empire Generator in action!

So what exactly is Niche Empire Generator?

Before you start imagining, I can tell you it is not yet another site generator that pumps out duplicate, ugly, cookie cutter spam sites that get ditched and de-indexed by search engines in days. We are talking about a revolutionary software built for niche marketers that automates the creation, updating and management of niche blogs from one single control panel. And we are talking about an unlimited Empire of blogs here.

I shall reveal what Niche Empire Generator can do in my next post.

PS: If you cannot hold back your curiosity, go to my site and watch Niche Empire Generator in action!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Niche Empire Generator Blog

Niche Empire Generator Blog

Welcome to my blog. As the title goes, this blog will be talking about niche marketing and in particular, look at what Niche Empire Generator is and what it can do for blog creation, management and updating a whole large group of blogs.

Would you like to learn how you can make thousands of dollars per month on Autopilot from an empire of your own niche mini sites?

What if there was a tool that would automate the process of creating, managing and promoting countless profitable niche sites for you?

What if each mini site you created could earn you $700 per month and it only took you 5 minutes to create... How many would you make??

For the answers to the questions above, we will discuss more in the next few posts.

Niche Empire Generator Blog

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