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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Niche Blogs 101

In this internet era, creating profitable niche blogs offer a new way to earn money online. The one main reason why niche blogging can be a viable option for any income hopefuls is its simplicity in creation. Such sites are easy to create, and suitable for anyone regardless of his or her online marketing or web design skills.

Building niche blogs does offer some benefits. If you have a low or even zero budget, you can still build your site! Simply use a free content management system like WordPress and Blogger and you can get started with your very first website within minutes. There are many ready templates to choose from. Within an hour, you could have a professional looking website at zero dollar investment to you. Plus, there are no webhosting and domain costs.

If you are just starting out, you may have some questions why marketers use blogs and not static sites. These websites are interactive and allows open communication with their visitors. People like to visit a site and say something. Blogs allow that to happen. At the same time, they are often updated and visitors and search engines love fresh content!

The reason why niche blogs fare better than general topic blogs lies in relatively lower competition. Rather than vying with big companies with tons of advertising dollars to spend, it will be more advantageous for you to work on the narrower sub-topics where there is lesser competition.

As a start, you may wish to write your own blog posts. But as you build more, it is ideal that you hire others to write the content for you. But needless to say, you do not to be well versed in the topic in order to verify that the content is of quality and not some rehashed crap.

In order to uncover underserved niches, you can make use of the free and paid tools online to conduct your keyword research. At the same time, promoting your site is convenient and there are also tons of free services and tools to help you. So, with close to nothing out of your pocket, building niche blogs to sell products can be a really profitable business. If you are unsure how to promote your site, read up more on what people are saying in the forums.

At this point in time, niche blogging can offer a great opportunity for anyone hoping to create a second income stream on a part-time or full-time basis. Tools and software are readily available to help you start. With time and familiarization, there are just endless numbers of markets that you can create niche blogs for.

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